Digitization of Photos at Different Qualities

Photo Scanning
ResolutionLess than 100More than 100
300 dpiINR 4/-INR 2/-
600 dpiINR 8/-INR 4/-
1200 dpiINR 16/-INR 8/-
Standard costs
ActionCost per Photo
Remove Photos from AlbumINR 1/-
Insert Photos Back into AlbumINR 1/-
Additional charge for photos in removable albums
ActionCost per Photo
Scan Photos Stuck to AlbumINR 4/-
Additional charge for photos stuck to albums

Digitization of Films (Negatives and Slides) at Different Qualities

Negatives and Slides
With Scratch RemovalLess than 100More than 100
600 dpiINR 10/-INR 6/-
1200 dpiINR 20/-INR 12/-
2400 dpiINR 30/-INR 16/-
Without Scratch RemovalLess than 100More than 100
600 dpiINR 6/-INR 4/-
1200 dpiINR 15/-INR 8/-
2400 dpiINR 20/-INR 10/-

Conversion of Tapes (Audio to MP3 and Video to MPEG or MP4)

Tape to Pendrive
Video Tapes (VHS, HI8, MiniDV)1 Hour RecordingINR 350/-
Audio Tapes1 Hour RecordingINR 250/-
Fungus Cleaning (per tape)INR 250/-

Digitization of Pages (Books and Documents)

Book Scanning
Without Cutting open the SpineINR 4/-
Cut the pages, Scan using FeedersINR 2/-
Book Binding per BookINR 40/-


More than 5005%
More than 100010%
More than 250020%