ScanJunction is a brand owned by Litent, a Bangalore-based Digitization, and ePublishing Company. ScanJunction is the consumer wing of Litent with the aim of helping individuals digitize their memories (photos) and books forever. We have been in the business of digitization for the last 9 years, having helped a number of customers preserve their memories forever

The mission of the company is to conserve print through digitization, enhancement, and restoration.

The single most important factor in conservation is longevity. By restoration mechanisms, Litent can change old, soiled, yellowed, discolored memories like books, photographs, and documents into their original print form, thus extending their longevity.

Litent is a B2B entity whose main focus is to help companies become paperless and to help in proper document management. There are 4 main verticals of the company

  • Book digitization
  • Photo digitization
  • Document digitization
  • ePublishing

Srichand Kaushik

With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Srichand is the backbone of Litent and has set up the processes within the company. He was the founder of Litent in 2010 and has a post-graduate degree in Computer Applications.