Value in Scanning

The values of getting the photos scanned are many. Your memories are forever and let them remain so. In a life span, we come to go through many events that are worth capturing and retrospection. Unfortunately, everything is finite and the same applies to the printed photos, negatives, and videos. Every form of media undergoes degradation in different ways.

Scanning can be the answer to the above issues. However, just scanning will not suffice as some photos would have faced one of the issues listed above and would need retouching. This is the specialty of our company, where we care for each of your memories and give a personal touch. The onus is on you to preserve the memories quicker before the deterioration or damage becomes excessive. ScanJunction is just the answer.


We are aware of the importance of your memories and we take utmost care in handling them. The process we follow is foolproof and is brought out in the steps below:

  • Online Order – it all starts with ordering online. A unique reference number (URN) is generated for each customer which becomes the single point reference until the photos are delivered and cycle completed.
  • Receive – For Pick up and drop off we use custom cartons with URN printed on the carton and for the courier, we require you to choose a sturdy carton and paste the URN on the carton.
  • Order Management – once the carton is received, it’s assigned to a particular workstation with a shelf with a queue system. We also manage each album in a sequential way meaning all the photos are scanned in order and the photos are stuck back in the same order. The quality team supervises the process and makes sure the number of photos per client is scanned properly.
  • Scanning Location – We maintain 24/7 security at our location and make sure that the logbook is used whenever any material movement is there and entry is restricted.
  • Resource Control – we make sure that once a resource is allocated to a client he/she completes the scanning cycle. That means there are one machine and one resource allocated to you to maintain the quality and timing. Once the scanning is complete there will be another level of quality check.